Tuesday, June 29, 2010

After Day 2 of Master's Commission Staff Retreat

Fun observations after Day 2 of MC Staff Retreat

Nothing beats having a staff truly "for each" other, where you celebrate strengths, shore up weaknesses and major on the majors. We genuinely love and like to be with each other.

We fight for our students and each other.

You can't improve until you are willing to voice what's not working. Hitting the pause button to reflect makes us better. This year was AMAZING, next year will be even more so.

Our calendar is nuts. Balancing the Master's Commission world, with Oxygen's Youth & Young Adult Ministry, the Tabernacle Church, Jeanne's traveling schedule, Cadre and Youth Leader's Coach would cause most to tremble in fear. I remember thinking 3 years ago when I started, "Is this even possible?" Now it's normal. It's made me better and in relentless pursuit of keeping only the things on my plate that no one else can do.

My people observation is that when we hit an area that we are passionate about, our voices change. It's pretty funny, cool and scary at the same time.

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